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We believe investors should hold a portfolio of differing strategies instead of putting all their investment "eggs" in one strategy "basket".  This type of diversification requires a flexible portfolio of numerous, uncorrelated strategies - strategies that behave differently from each other.  

To assist clients in managing investment portfolios, FCG Wealth Management created FlexibleFolios.  To learn more about our portfolios and strategy, go to or click here to download our one page informational overview.

While diversification cannot guarantee success, using multiple strategies strives to reduce the risk of investing while capturing the rewards that the stock and income markets have to offer.


Multiple-Strategy Portfolio Management: Strategies that are designed to help you thrive in an ever-changing market.

​A difficult message that investors must understand is that there is no holy grail investment strategy, no perfect asset class, no silver bullet for every market environment.  This lesson has been frustrating one for investors throughout history.

​A substantial message to investment uncertainty is diversification.  If you don't put all your eggs in one basket, they have a better chance to survive.  And if market uncertainty causes the prudent investor to diversify among mutual funds and among asset classes, why isn't it doubly prudent to diversify among the investment strategies?​

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