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Ben M. Reynoso - Founder of FCG Wealth Management

I became a financial advisor in September of 1999 after many years of playing both collegiate and professional baseball.  What I learned on the playing field was minor in comparison to what it taught me about myself and others.  The lessons I learned are the same lessons I bring to my clients.  The importance of being  disciplined, being able to block out unnecessary noise, and the ability to control your emotions in tough situations are the trademarks of great athletes - and investors alike.  Things are not always going to go according to plan so we need to be flexible and adapt, while staying steadfast in our approach.

Why FCG Wealth Management?

FCG Wealth Management takes a personalized approach to wealth planning that's tailored to your unique lifestyle.  The result is an integrated strategy that fits your current lifestyle and delivers maximum impact for your future, and those of future generations.

Your financial plan should be built around what matters most to you - both today and tomorrow.  As your life changes, it is imperative that your plan is flexible and that you have a team behind you committed to your success.

Our goal is to be a true long-term partner with our clients.  We pride ourselves on offering a highly personal level of service to meet every aspect of our client's financial lives, from investment strategy to implementation.  Allow FCG Wealth Management to be your Financial Consulting Group.

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